Introduction of Html

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HTML is the authoring language used to create documents or display web pages on internet. It is used to define the structure and layout of a web page. In other words, web pages  on internet are composed of HTML tags, which is used to images, display text, or other resources through a Web browser.

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Hypertext which is not constrained to be text: it may be include graphics, video and sound  or  information. By clicking on a link in a hypertext document, a user can quickly jump to different web pages ( docoment).
  • Markup means to structure it in a specific format. So HTML is a language that allows users to organize, improve the appearance of, and link other web pages or docoments on the internet.
  • HTML is heavily used for creating pages that are displayed on the world wide web.
  • For example, to build any house, first of all we put bricks on regular basis, then the structure of the house is ready, similarly, with HTML we prepare the structure of the website.

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