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Whether you’re new to HTML or a seasoned professional, a good HTML editor can help you code faster thanks to its many helpful features. For example, syntax highlighting and other capabilities help you visually scan over the code faster as well as reduce errors.

Features of an HTML Text Editor

HTML text editor can include many potential features such as:

  • Syntax highlighter – A feature that emphasizes key elements in different colors so it’s easier to keep track of your code. You’re able to visually differentiate between the elements so you can quickly determine what you need to write next.
  • Auto-completion – Components such as closing tags are automatically inserted when they’re logically supposed to appear. It saves you time automating a good chunk of your code.
  • Debugging – An HTML text editor sometimes can include a debugging feature. It checks your code for errors and reports them back to you. It saves you from having to comb through line after line of code trying to see and fix tiny errors that are easy to miss.
  • Code validation – Some of the available text editors for HTML options include built-in code validation. This is a feature that checks to make sure your code’s syntax is error-free. While it won’t check for more complex errors like a debugging tool would, it’s still a useful feature. It saves you time in a similar way to a debugging tool.
  • Insert common HTML elements – with one click, you can quickly add HTML elements without having to constantly type them in every time you want to use them, saving you time.
  • A quick search of code – Instead of looking through hundreds of lines of code for one component, this feature lets you search for it. Each instance of the keyword you typed gets highlighted in your code so you can quickly find what you need.
  • Search and replace – This feature lets you not only search your code, but you can change all instances of your searched keywords to something else. You only have to type the replacement code once instead of multiple times.

Simple, Best and Free html Editor

  1. Notepad ++
  2. Komodo Edit
  3. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor
  4. Aptana Studio 3
  5. Bluefish