Explain Subdomain

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Subdomains are the sections of a domain that precede the main domain name and domain extension. They can assist you in organising your website. For instance, bihar.hypernews.com. Bihar is the subdomain in this URL.

There are different reasons companies use subdomains. Let’s look at some top use cases of a subdomain.

Subdomains explained in more detail: To answer the question of “what are subdomains” in more detail, you should first know about the anatomy of a URL! Let us examine the URL of ThemeIsle. https://hypernews.in/
This URL contains two parts:
    A protocol (https:) is a set of guidelines that a browser follows to send a request to the server. 

The domain, hypernews.in or URL to the main website. A domain consists of two parts:

    • the TLD (top level domain) which is the .com part (or another domain extension), and
    • the SLD (second level domain), themeisle, the name that you buy from a domain registrar.

A subdomain contains a second name before the SLD. For instance, if the Themeisle blog was hosted on https://bihar.hypernews.in, the blog would be the subdomain.